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A Moment, A Lifetime
Meister Hsing Yun: Between Ignorance and Enlightenment III

159 pages
ISBN-10 1-932293-18-3, ISBN-13 978-1-932293-18-0

In the essay from which the title of this book was taken, Venerable Master Hsing Yun considers the importance of pausing a moment to refrect. Buddhists are taught that, before they act, they should consider the consequences of their actions. That reflection takes just a moment, but the consequences of our actions can last a lifetime.
The Buddha's Light Philosophy
Meister Hsing Yun: The Buddha's Light Philosophy

220 pages
ISBN 978-1-932293-45-6

The Buddha's Light Philosophy examines the management and accomphlishments of the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Order and the Buddha's Light International Association (BLIA). These organizations, founded to further the goals of Humanistic Buddhism, have flourished around the world and touched many lives. The Buddha's Light Philosophy traces their purposes, mission, concepts, and guidelines to provide the reader with an understanding of Humanistic Buddhist practice in the modern world.
Understanding the Buddha's Light Philosophy
Meister Hsing Yun: Understanding the Buddha's Light Philosophy

186 pages
ISBN 0-9715612-2-2

May kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity pervade all Dharma realms. May all beings benefit from our blessings and friendship. May our ethical practice of Chan and Pure Land help us to realize equality and patience. May we undertake the Great Vows with humility and gratitude.
Entry Into The Profound
Meister Hsing Yun: A First Step To Understanding Buddhism

92 pages, English / 中国
ISBN 0-957-737920

What is the meaning of Nan Tien? Literally translated, "nan tien" is Mandarin for nan = south and tien = heaven, paradise. As a phrase, it therefore means paradise of the south. Nan Tien Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere.
Bright Star Luminous Cloud
Meister Hsing Yun: The Life of a Simple Monk

472 pages
ISBN 978-1-932293-29-6

This is the life story of Venerable Master Hsing Yun, who has decicated his life to the modernization and globalization of Buddhism through the building of the temples, educational institutions, libraries, art galleries and museums throughout the world. A strong supporter of interfaith respect and cooperation he has participated in many interfaith events, conducted Dharma Services, and lectured on Buddhism in countries around the globe.
Living Affinity
Meister Hsing Yun: Nurturing the Environment, Our Relationships and the Life of the Spirit

160 pages
ISBN 1-59056-058-2

Human beings are social; we cannot live apart from community. According to the Taiwanese Buddhist teacher Venerable Hsing Yun, when we perceive that human society is nothing other than a web of human relationships, we will understand just how crucial our relationships are.
Buddhism Core Ideas
Meister Hsing Yun: Buddhism Core Ideas

125 pages
ISBN 083480518-9

A companion volume to Master Hsing Yun's Lotus in the Stream, an accessible and popular introduction to Buddhist thought and practic, Buddhism: Core Ideas presents additional concepts central to a full understanding of the teachings of the Buddha, including cause and effect, Buddhist psychology, meditation and wisdom, the practices of repentance and sharing, and the six primary virtues that Buddhists seek to perfect.
The Everlasting Light
Meister Hsing Yun: Dharma Thoughts of Master Hsing Yun

237 pages
ISBN 957-457-042-8

For those seeking to relieve the stress of everyday life, and searching for guidance, The Everlasting Light is full of elegant maxims based on concepts of Buddhist and Chinese philosophy. This manual is a compilation of the experiences and deep insights of Master Hsing Yun, the patriarch of the forty-eighth generation of the Lin-chi division of the Cha'an school.
Humanistic Buddhism
Meister Hsing Yun: A Blueprint for Life

174 pages
ISBN 0-9717495-4-X

...The present book, Humanistic Buddhism: A Blueprint for Life, is the clearest exposition yet of Humanistic Buddhism. It is Buddhism minus the regional, doctrinal, ritual, and traditional limitations that so often equate Buddhism with a particular ethnic or cultural group.
Perfectly Willing
Meister Hsing Yun: Hundred Sayings Series

156 pages
ISBN 0-9642612-0-0

Etched in the mind of the young Hsing Yun were remembrances of his Dharma brother Man Ch'êng, who imparted wisdom on a share of hardships that seemed more than he deserved in a singular utterance: I am perfectly willing.
Happily Ever After
Meister Hsing Yun: Hundred Sayings Series

152 pages
ISBN 0-9642612-1-9

Without thining twice, the tot would hasten to share with his little friends a slice of cake from the Buddha's shrine, an incomparable gem of a pebble retrieved from the roadside, or the contents of the family candy-can altogehter. Neighbors would tease his mother for raising a foolhardy son. But for the child himself, hi simply felt great at the sight of everyone having a great time.
The Philosophy Of the Being Second
Meister Hsing Yun: Hundred Sayings Series

180 pages
ISBN 0-9642612-7-8

The world that appears in Master Hsing Yun's mind is perpetually filled with brilliance and perfection. It gives him tremendous encouragement to move forward. He is easily moved by persons and events. Twice he was moved to tears by his master's loving-kindness.
Where There Is Dharma There Is A Way
Meister Hsing Yun: Hundred Sayings Series

186 pages
ISBN 957-543-968-6

A drop of water is minute and feeble. But when many drops come together, they can become a stream that breaks rocks. A caterpillar is slow and unattractive. But after emerging from its cocoon, it is a lovely butterfly fluttering in the sun. Deficiency is inherent in life. It lies deep in the heart of things.
Keeping Busy Is the Best Nourishment
Meister Hsing Yun: Hundred Sayings Series

161 pages
ISBN 957-457-068-1

As a student at the Buddhist college, I was keen to cook for my fellow monastics and to work at our fabrics factory. Though I never ate more than the rest, nor was given any fabric, keeping busy made me realize how much hard work is needed to produce our worldly goods, and it gave me insight into the essence of the dependent origination. That has benefited me all my life.
On Encouragement
Meister Hsing Yun: The Everlasting Light - Dharma Thoughts

211 pages, English / 中国
ISBN 986-80449-3-6

Always relying on Otheres leads to failure. Taking responsibility leads to success.
On Education
Meister Hsing Yun: The Everlasting Light - Dharma Thoughts

219 pages, English / 中国
ISBN 986-80449-5-2

When you virtuously pursue causes and conditions, you will keep your business on the right track.
The Awakening Life
Meister Hsing Yun: The Awakening Life

119 pages, English / 中国
ISBN 09715612-3-0

...Conditions in life are unpredictable, ever-changing, and impermanent in nature. The presence of one event is often matched by the absence of its parallel event...
A Life of Pluses and Minuses
Meister Hsing Yun: Between Ignorance and Enlightenment IV

158 pages
ISBN 0-9717495-8-2

Life is like the tide, writes Venerable Master Hsing Yun, rising and falling with its pluses and minuses. This reflects the Buddhist concept of impermanence, or constant change. Some changes, the Master says, are for the better, so they are easy to accept. But even changes for the wors-minuses-have there place. Life's setbacks can improve our characters. And when we experience them we can learn to realize that minuses prepare the way for the better things.
Hsing Yun's Ch'an Talk 1
Meister Hsing Yun: Hsing Yun's Ch'an Talk 1

216 pages
ISBN 957-543-124-3

Ch'an permeates a Ch'an practitioner's life. Eating is Ch'an. Sleeping is Ch'an. Walking, standing, sitting, lying down, chopping fier-wood, and carrying water are all Ch'an. Ch'an is not just limited to the way we conduct ourselves in our everyday living, but it also encompasses all phenomena of the universe.
Hsing Yun's Ch'an Talk 2
Meister Hsing Yun: Hsing Yun's Ch'an Talk 2

220 pages
ISBN 957-543-145-6

Ch'an is the natural expression of our inner realization. It is not something that can be imitated. Knowledge can be learned, but Ch'an cannot be learned. Ch'an practitioners may seem to speak or behave strangely, but wisdom underlies their strangeness.
Hsing Yun's Ch'an Talk 3
Meister Hsing Yun: Hsing Yun's Ch'an Talk 3

242 pages
ISBN 957-543-220-7

The teaching offered by Ch0an is dynamic. Ch'an has the power to inspire others as well as to give a person the capability of realizing the true nature within oneself.
Hsing Yun's Ch'an Talk 4
Meister Hsing Yun: Hsing Yun's Ch'an Talk 4

267 pages
ISBN 957-543-368-8

Ch'an does not merely imply the external posture of sitting or lying down. While it is true that sitting in meditation is a means of practicing Ch'an, it is not the purpose of Ch'an practice. So meditation that is undertaken for the purpose of enlightenment concerns the mind rather than the body.

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